Pay As you Go IT support

The “PAY AS YOU GO” features

This is a basic support contract, pay up front for your support contract for your users & devices and we shall provide reporting and remote support for every device registered within the contract. Any additional work will be invoiced at the PAYG rate which is discounted on the “Monitor & Report” labour rate.

Included Services

• Access to Client Portal & Knowledge Base with Ticket tracking
• System checks – Email Notification on failure or error
• Remote access is available to reduce the need for on-site visits.
• Weekly/Monthly reports available.

Response Times

Immediate Email response via portal – tickets will then be prioritised by the next available engineer and assigned one of three categories as follows;

High – (Server Failure / Connectivity Issues Affecting Main Office) – Investigated within 1 hour.
Medium – (As above affecting satellite offices including home workers) – Investigated within 4 hours.
Low – (non business critical) – Investigated within 8 hours.

Telephone support will be prioritised using the same system as email and will not “fast track” support issues
Support Hours & Availability

Customer support portal is available 24/7 but is only monitored between 08:00hrs – 18:00hrs.

Telephone Support Desk Access 09:00hrs-18:00hrs (Should technical support be required after 17:00pm we are still available via the Service Desk Portal).