VoIP System Design

We can help you design the best VoIP solution that really meets your business needs. We have already designed and implemented successful VoIP solutions for some of our customers, and we even use one for our main switchboard to illustrate our commitment to VoIP solutions.

Business VOIP Systems & Solutions

Any business operating in the modern era needs to consider the cost savings of sending their calls over the Internet. Typically we refer to this technology as VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol.

Traditional phone systems (PBX) are connected using ISDN. ISDN is expensive compared to modern VoIP solutions.

Moving to a business VoIP solution with My Virtually is easier that you think. You can expect savings of around 50% on your traditional phone bill and you can keep your number! VoIP saves a lot of money and is very flexible.

VoIP Platforms

We are a 3cx partner, but we will support numerous installations and are not tied to 3cx.

We will support and offer any version of Asterix should you have a preference. We have in-house linux specialists ready to assist.

We recommend 3cx for many reasons. It is very well documented and supported. The pricing is very reasonable and the system is extremely reliable.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements.