• IT Support is where it all began for My Virtually and to this day it's what we do best. In this ever changing IT world we continue to provide superior service and support.

Monitor & Reporting

This is a very simple contract, pay for each monitored device and receive email reports on any alerts generated from the specified checks.

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Pay As You Go

This is a basic support contract, pay up front for your support contract for your users & devices and we shall provide reporting and remote support for every device registered within the contract.

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All Inclusive

This is a complete support contract, pay a fixed monthly amount for your support contract for your users & devices and we shall provide reporting, remote and on-site support for every device registered within the contract.

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  • OFFICE 365 - As a Microsoft Cloud Partner we are able to advise, migrate and support Office 365 solutions

    • CLOUD HOSTING SOLUTIONS - Whether you are looking at private, public or hybrid cloud solutions we can provide the right solution for you.

      • VIRTUALISATION - With our extensive HyperV knowledge we are best placed to advise on all aspects of virtualisation solutions.

        • CONSULTANCY - Our consultants possess a wide range of skills and technical experience ensuring we deliver the best solutions to our clients.

          • BACKUP & DR - Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions are a vital part of any IT strategy, we can advise on a wide variety of services and solutions.

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          We are confident that we can fix any issue we invite you to try our IT helpdesk for free.

          Call Now on 01702 662862 to speak to a technical engineer.

          Cloud Computing
          My Virtually can help you decide if the cloud is right for your business. Can you trust the cloud? Who am I giving my data to? Who has access to my data? There are degrees of commitment to the cloud, and more than one cloud model to consider. Whether you are looking at a fully outsourced public cloud solution for your email, applications and file storage or a mixed hybrid approach. Choosing the right options is not a simple decision. There are many pro's and cons.
          Some businesses can benefit by using multiple cloud approaches. You may have a highly proprietary business application that is better kept on-premises, but you also use Office 365 in the public cloud and maintain your accounting system in the private cloud. If data protection and compliance is a vital part of your business operations a private cloud solution provides you complete control over your data. Cloud data leak prevention will be a huge part of cloud security solutions. Protecting sensitive data is critical in any cloud environment.
          I have dealt with My Virtually for over 2 years with my present company and, in all the that time, I have nothing but praise for their customer service and super-efficient support. Full Review
          Stephen Carter - Operations Manager, Express Medicals
          I cannot praise them enough for their quality technical support, patience and friendly service. I have already recommended them to my friends. Do yourself a favour and contact them if you are having IT problems. They will solve it, without doubt. Full Review
          Garry Morgan, Private Individual
          "Fantastic Service"
          Caron Robinson, BL Loft Solutions
          "We’ve entrusted our IT to My Virtually for many years now, and we’ve stuck with the company because of the excellent service it provides. We are based in Central London and My Virtually looks after our IT and all our support needs making it easy for us to ensure everything runs smoothly and at maximum efficiency. Great level of service, very proactive."
          Patricia Garcia, Edge Structures
          My Virtually, Simon and the team, has been an important part of our business. As CEO at Foresight, I was involved in running an international business of Ship owning, Offshore drilling, hospitality and brand retailing. Highest priority was speed, simplicity and safe email communications, dealing with several hundred files in different formats. Hundreds of email each day. Storage and ability to quickly search messages was very critical. Privacy & confidentiality. My Virtually never failed us."
          Anil Deshpande, Foresight Group
          Our company has had the pleasure of working with the team at My virtually since November 2013. Simon Thomas and his team have provided multiple IT services, including the following :- A complete overhaul of our IT infrastructure. Web hosting. Day-to-day IT support. General IT consultancy services. The IT input to our disaster recovery and business continuity plans. I have been extremely pleased with the service provided by My Virtually. The service is proactive and customer driven.
          • We provide a great service. Most of our clients have been with us for many years and most months we add a new client to our books, so we feel we are getting much of what we do right.

          • We recruit carefully and our engineers are friendly, helpful experts and they know we are a client first organisation .

          • Our engineers have the freedom to perform and the authority to do whatever is necessary to solve your problems and deliver the service you need.

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          We are always available to discuss your requirements, call us on 01702 662862 to  speak to a member of our team.

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